Womb Wisdom

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Womb Wisdom

    • Womb Wisdom - Introduction

    • Symptom Assessment

    • Meditation - Womb Affirmations

    • Yin Yoga for the Heart & Womb Space

  • 2


    • Workbook - Heavy Flow

    • Meditation - Tuning into the Womb Space

    • Yin Yoga - Beginning of your Bleed

  • 3


    • Workbook - Medium Flow

    • Meditation - Dance and Stillness

    • Yoga - Moderate Flow for a Moderate Flow

  • 4


    • Workbook - Light Flow

    • Meditation - Manifesting your Future Cycles

    • Yoga - An Energising Flow

  • 5

    Herbal Tea & Nutrition

    • Herbal Teas & Tonics

    • Nutrition & Recipes

Are you ready to dive into the wisdom of your womb?

About Chelsea

Chelsea Sharp

In 2018 I completed a four year Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Naturopathy which has provided me with skills and knowledge in nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice to promote wellbeing. As a naturopath, I combine these modalities to provide a holistic approach and unique treatment plan for individuals on their journey to optimum health. Throughout my studies, yoga was a big part of my journey, keeping me grounded. I have had a regular yoga practice since the age of 16 and rolling out my yoga mat has been a steady place to return to while I float around this earth. In 2017 I completed my 200hr Teacher Training at Byron Yoga Centre. Since then I have been lucky enough to teach my classes in a number of health retreats throughout Australia, wild workshops in nature, surf camps in Nicaragua and studios in Berlin, Germany! I combine my knowledge of yoga with natural health to cultivate bodily awareness and hope to inspire students to find a deeper aspect of themselves through their practice and to carry this awareness throughout their daily life.